nipkov disc

This was invented by Paul Nipkov

print,cut out, fold up fan blades. Below is a code disc

print, cut out, glue to back of nipkov disc, program by cutting out slots, glue cardboard disc to center (dotted line), make bearing out of thumb tack and plastic bead, look through the slots as it rotates in a mirror about three feet away. You get as many images as there are dots, each one scrolling radially by one dot row. Works best if disc illuminated by bright sunlight.
Alternatively use in a dark room, shine an LED torch through the rotating slots so that the intermittent beam of light is reflected from a mirror onto the face of the disc.
You have to make the disk very flat, any vibration will blur the image which is pretty faint anyway. Make the bearing as near the disk as possible to minimise wobble. Use a drinking straw to blow the windmill.

This disc does a letter 'S'

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