automatic moviewheel image

Click here to try making an image that projects itself onto a sphere.

Click here to make ten separate images you can use to make a movie wheel. This works like the previous program except there are no instructions.

When you have created the images press the 'print screen' button. This puts them onto the clipboard. Now open a graphics program (eg 'paint') and go 'edit' then 'paste'. Now you can crop, rotate and print the image. If you are using A4 card to make your movie wheel, you will find that printing the image slightly smaller than A4 gives ten individual images that are the right size. Instructions for making a movie wheel are here although because the images created automatically are comparatively intricate you will need to make the slots in the wheel much narrower. This makes the animated image dimmer but less blurred.

This is an example of the output from the second program

Click here to download the flash source for the first program & here to download the flash source for the second program.
I find that the flash environment is quite hard to understand, but just assuming you are able to use it well enough to view the code you could try changing the line width & colour. What do you think the variable 'scalefactor' does? The lines of code in grey have been de-activated by putting a double slash in front of them: this is quite a useful dodge, you can de-activate part of a program & then run it to see what doesn't happen. Go 'control' then 'test movie' to run the program. The code is written in action script 2 so it should work with any version of flash.

different method of doing animations. Please could someone re-write all these programs for the new method

really clear explanation

And while we're about it can we also have a program to do the control discs for these things
explanation of the mechanism

Also one that does nipkov discs

yet another dimension

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