walking machine

Walking machines are quite easy to make.
This is a simple walking machine made from bent wire, it runs off a single AA battery.

This is a drawing of the crank/foot mechanism

If large cardboard wheels are substituted for the rockers the action becomes more interesting: make domed covers for the ends of the crank to make it self-righting.

When the wheels meet an obstruction the motor starts driving the crank round, the spinning eccentric weight of the motor & batteries causes the robot to jump up & down and the foot oscillates, this frees the robot from the obstruction.

This one has two offset setscrews instead of a crank

It is much simpler to make and works just as well.

slightly different version on youtube

They are quite aesthetic

This one has a foot, the design of the foot is quite important, paradoxically it seems that if the foot has a freely-rotating wheel (see top of page) it works better.

This is a more sophisticated version, it has 2 AA batteries rather than 2 AAA, they are attached one behind the other so that the batteries & motor are balanced round the axle; an important feature of these machines is minimal moment of inertia (ie keep all the heavy bits as near the middle as possible)

The left-hand wheel is free to rotate around the axle

however the other wheel is tied to the axle by a bit of rubber band, so it can only rotate by about half a turn whereupon it starts to spring back

so it effectively has to rotate with the axle. The foot is loosely hinged through a hole in the the wooden pulley, it is also springloaded with a bit of rubber band

these machines are very responsive to small changes in weight distribution & other minor design changes. Someone ought to make one using an RC motor & Lipo battery, about half the size or even smaller.

flying version

This one works by twiddleing your thumb and forefinger

These things either walk down a gradient or can be pulled along by a bit of thread & a weight

The feet need quite careful adjustment, this one has 'shoes' made from semicircles of card: they should just project below the main cardboard rocker at the 6 o'clock position. Minor differences in adjustment will cause it to deviate from a straight line

similar toys on youtube
latest youtube
They need to be made from heavy photo-quality paper, normal inkjet paper is just a bit too flimsy. It might be strong enough if the toy were made a bit smaller, but then it would be very difficult to adjust the feet

This is a recent design makeover: round rockers with axle 5mm off centre, radius 5mm less than the body. Axle goes through body 5mm below centre.
No end-stops

eLEGS exoskeleton
Buy one: only $20. Looks like it's gear ratio is too low. My ones work because the dynamic forces of the rotating motor/batteries are quite big
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