This is a link to the ambassadors cube ; print it and assemble it into a cube. The image looks correct when you look at it from a corner.

Wikipedia on anamorphosis
very elaborate one on youtube
another one on youtube
and another

This is a link to teddy bear cube ; as above but teddy bears.

This is a link to angel cube ; as above but cherub playing lute

This is a link to angel cube ; as above but angel

This is a link to more teddy bears ; this time it assembles into a dodecahedron without a top or bottom. There are two on the page.

This is a link to banknote lantern ; same as above but image from banknote.

This is a link to polar bears   ; same as above but polar bears.

This is a link to peckham   ; same as above but map of peckham.

Read about the hollow earth theory
Wikipedia on the hollow earth theory

This is a link to dragon plate   ; similar to above but assembles into small antique ming chinese bowl made out of paper.

This is a link to dragon for cylindrical mirror ; print it out and look at it in a cylindrical mirror. You can make a cylindrical mirror by bending round a piece of mirror-finish inkjet paper. You can view it by holding the mirror against the monitor.

This is a link to house for cylindrical mirror ; same as above but aerial photo of house.

The following are links to paper cones; cut them out and fold & glue them into cones with the image on the inside. You can make the facial expression change when you look into the cone and tilt it slightly. It only works if you print each one on a sheet of A4; the size is critical because the illusion depends on the distance between your eyes.

cheshire cat cone
david cone
mona lisa cone
the queen
napoleon cone
madame de pompadour cone.
shortest short story in the world cone.

similar illusion on youtube; very effective & simple to make
another similar one

These are links to chritmas angels: cut them out, fold them round and fit the slots together.


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