toy robot arm made out of syringes

This is a toy robot arm made from syringes bolted together

It is quite appealing but is difficult to use.

similar thing made of wood on youtube
Although it looks good it's better to make a thing with an electric grab and a long vertical jib which can pick things up and put them on a table.

It's a bit like a motorised coatstand with a grab it winches up and down

The traveller works with three pulley wheels running on diagonally opposite corners of a bit of square-section doweling

There isn't really any limit to the height but table-height is logical

link to 5 megabyte movie of robot

This is an easy way of making a linear actuator; you can use central locking servos but they are a bit expensive and have limited travel. To make it stronger use a strip of angle-section meccano instead of the bent card.

Robots either use rotary or linear motion, for very long linear motion use traveller as described above.
This is a way of motorising a steel rule

it might be a good way of constructing table climbers.

This is one of the hinged linkages from a folding umbrella sellotaped to my finger. You can do about three per hand.

They are very useful for making robotic grabs. Use two, put wire cross-brace through the holes normally used to hold the canopy. Rubber bands & paper-clips to open it, motor-gearbox winding string to close.

link to 5 megabyte movie of robot which can climb on & off tables carrying an empty coke can

This is a drawing of the table-climber

the drawing shows it balanced on the edge of the table with its drive mechanism hanging down so that the drive wheels are just above table-level

this drawing shows it driving along with the grab lowered; below is an animation of climbing on/off table

link to my dynamic balance page
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